Kitesurf School

Kitesurf Lessons and Rental Options

Are you looking for a kitesurf school in Spain? Or a place to rent a kitesurf set, SUP or longboard?

At the KiteFinca there are many possibilities for the (future) kitesurfer.
We offer, for example, powerkite lessons: a great activity for all ages where you get to know the kite. But we also offer beginners lessons in the water: the real thing

Are you already able to kitesurf? Our certified coaches will quickly take you to the next level: jumps, unhooked tricks or a steady position upwind.

Drone Isla Cristina lagoon kitespot

Kiteboarding off the beaten path with certified instructors and reliable, safe equipment from PLKB.

Beginners lessons

Learn to kitesurf while staying at an authentic, eco-friendly guesthouse in the South of Spain. We offer lessons on a spacious and safe kitesurfspot in Antilla. Our IKO-certified instructors give private (1 on 1) lessons and semi-private (duo) lessons (2 persons, same level, 1 kiteset). Each class lasts 1.5 – 2 hours. Including all material needed. €125 – €90 p.p.2

Taster course

Not sure if kiteboarding is your cup of tea? Not to worry! We offer introduction powerkite-lessons. This course takes 1 hour and can be done private or in small groups (max. 2 persons). Including material. €40,- private and €60 for a duo introduction course. 

Progress fast: get KiteCoaching

The experienced instructors at our kitesurf school will help you reach your goals in no-time. Thanks to an advanced system we use, to communicate with each other remotely. This course is excluding material (for rental options, please see below). A coaching session takes up to 1 hour. €50,- p.p.

Foil classes 

Our instructor Ferry is going to help you to get on the foil board! This latest craze must be tried and the kitespots here are perfect for this new kiteboarding-discipline. A course takes 1.5 hours. You can use your own kite. Board with small mast is provided. €125 p.p.

Kitesurf Lessons

Prices are per person. Questions? Just reach out!

  • Private Lesson €125

    Duration: 1.5 - 2 hr

  • Duo lesson €90

    Duration: 1.5 - 2 hr

  • Introduction Powerkite €40

    Duration: 1 hr

  • Coaching €50

    Duration: 1 hr, including BB talking, excl. material

  • Foil Lesson €125

    Duration: 1.5 hr, including BB talking and material

Rental Pricing

Complete Kitesurf Set

Are you visiting us without your gear? We have PLKB quiver for rent!

Show us your IKO level. If  you are not able to do so, we offer quick (refresh-)lessons for a special price. Get in touch to get more information about this. 

You can rent your kiteset from €35/ day (min. rental period is one week).

  • 1 Day €70
  • 2 Days €115
  • 3 Days €150
  • 4 Days €185
  • 5 Days €215
  • 6/7 Days €245
  • Additional day after this: €30

SUP (incl paddle)

Another great activity for all ages, is Stand UP Paddle. We offer custom classes (contact us for details) and SUP rental from €25/ day.

  • 1 Day €25
  • 2 Days €40
  • 3 Days €50
  • Additional day after this: €7,50
  • Wetsuit €10

    Price per day

Longboard (skate)

Looking for another boardsport?! Let’s go longboarding! We offer custom classes (contact us for details) and longboard rental from €15/ day.

  • 1 Day €15
  • 2 Days €25
  • 3 Days €35
  • Additional day after this: €7,50